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Nero 2015 Platinum 16.0.02900 Full RePack

Nero 2015 Platinum 16.0.02900 FULL  RePack

Nero 2015 Platinum 16.0.02900 Full RePack | 1.2 GB
Multimedia Related | Original Install File + Content Pack | OS: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1 (x86x64)
Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Italian, Czech
Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Finnish
Russian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Greek, Thai, Hungarian, Turkish

Nero 2015 allows you to manage, create, convert, play and burn your movies, music and photos for the best entertainment experience at home and on the go. The complete 360-degree experience offers easy-to-advanced video editing, innovative video file conversion technology for viewing movies on any device, plus burning and backup to support your complete digital life style. Nero 2015 allows you effortlessly and seamlessly to convert music and videos to virtually any format to enjoy on your PC, Android and more. Everything you ever wanted to do with your media, from organizing to watching, to doing more with apps, is possible from one place. Movies and photo slide-shows will look their best with quality tools to help you edit and create show-stopping projects with ease.

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Nero 2015 Platinum v16.0.02900-DVT

NERO  2015 Platinum v16.0.02900-DVT

Nero 2015 Platinum v16.0.02900-DVT | 0.99 GB

NEW Nero AirBurn: Burn files straight from your smartphone
NEW Play & Stream your files to any device
Burn & Copy discs like a pro
Create & Edit amazing videos in 4K

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